Human-computer interfacing with a CAI for social studies

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Master's Thesis

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Master of Science in Teaching in Computer Science


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Computer Science

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Patricia Maria R. Claudio

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Benedict Fernandez

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Benjamin Lijano
Roland Go


The study includes the formulation of the criteria for evaluating computer-assisted instruction (CAI) softwares. The set of criteria that was formulated was used to evaluate some available CAI softwares and as the basis in developing the CAI for Social Studies in order to produce a good quality educational software. Producing a good quality educational software will provide the instructional assistance and help the students need to reach the meaningful goals and objectives set for them.

The software employs three types of interaction, namely tutorial, gaming and drill-and-practice. The tutorial and gaming were handled by this thesis while drill-and-practice was handled under the thesis entitled Management of Instruction on CAI for Social Studies by Ofelia Mana. Storyboard Version 1.1 was used for the tutorial and Turbo Pascal Version 5.0 was used for the gaming. Graphics was embedded in the content of the tutorial to develop a software that is more effective and user-friendly.

The software is intended to be used by Filipino elementary grade four students taking up Social Studies. The topics that will be included in the software are naming the different regions, provinces within the region, identifying the capital of each province, crops/products per region and showing the Philippines' 13 regional maps.

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Computer-assisted instruction; Social sciences -- Computer-assisted instruction

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