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Master's Thesis

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Master of Science in Teaching Major in Physics

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Br. Andrew Gonzalez FSC College of Education


Science Education

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Melecio C. Deauna

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Bee Ching U. Ong

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Angel Martinez
Alberto Campos


This investigation is focused on the development, construction and testing of a kit for demonstrating the basic principles of direct current electricity. The main characteristics of the kit include the following: 1. It uses low voltage and low current electricity. This makes it safe for students to handle the kit. 2. The materials used are generally available locally. 3. The materials on the average are relatively inexpensive. 4. The components used are generally durable and can withstand continuous usage. 5. The kit is convenient to carry around. 6. The design is such that setting-up of the apparatus is easy to do. 7. The experiments yield results that are comparable to the commercial counterparts. 8. With tools commonly available in school shops the kit can be replicated by the faculty or technicians in the school. This kit can help alleviate the shortage of physics teaching apparatus in most schools. In addition, the kit could also help increase the interest of students in physics because it provides tangible verification of the principles being explained in the lesson. A study could be made on the effects of this kit on student learning. Furthermore, other interested graduate students could design a similar kit for mechanics or optics.

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Physical instruments; Physics--Study and teaching--Audio-visual aids

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