Scanning system: A project study

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Bachelor's Thesis

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Bachelor of Science in Computer Science

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Computer Sciences


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Computer Science


Awarded as best thesis, [1989]

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Mitch William Andaya


The end-objective of this study is the construction of a prototype scanning system capable of sensing and transferring to the IBM PC/XT images of a specified perimeter from sheets of paper.

During the initial stages, resource persons from various computer companies relative to the current state of scanning technology in the country were interviewed. Most such scanners are the size of a dot-matrix printer, for use with Desktop Publishing (DTP). There exist hand-held graphic scanners also. However, all these are borrowed from foreign technology, and are not even supplemented by local knowledge and expertise.

One of the purposes of the thesis group in developing the system is due to the realization of the lack of research in scanning technology in the country, which, when harnessed, may dispense with our dependence on scanners from foreign countries and help uplift, even in a seemingly trivial way, the economy and local technology therein.

Upon discovery of the scant information on scanning intricacies as provided by the interviewed establishments and even by reference materials, the group set out in implementing the scanning device, as opposed to an initial plan of acquiring one and then developing the support system for it.

Thus the employment of the 1932, an OpticRAM. An image is focused unto the chip, and is subsequently processed for display and further manipulation.

A number of applications, all requiring image capture, intensely need such a system. There are desktop publishing, text scanning, and other needs for image capture, analysis, and processing.

The proponents of the study, feel, therefore, that the completion of the system is an accomplishment in local scanning technology, and that the system may indeed be enhanced and harnessed for innumerable image capture applications.

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Scanning systems; Imaging systems; Image processing

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