Development, reliability, validation, and norming of the Iskala ng Iskisoprenya ng mga Pilipino

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Bachelor's Thesis

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Bachelor of Arts Major in Psychology

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Awarded as best thesis, 1992

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Irma Coronel

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Gundelina Velasco

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Roberto Mendoza
Benito L.Teehankee


The aim of the study is to develop a psychological test that indicates the presence of schizophrenia. The Iskala ng Iskisoprenya ng mga Pilipino is a self-report instrument developed through the use of the indigenous methods of pagtatanong and pagmamasid. Pagtatanung-tanong was done by interviewing clinicians in Metro Manila about the behaviors associated with schizophrenia. Pagmamasid was done by observing schizophrenic patients for one week. The initial item pool was subjected to item review by Filipino experts and clinical practitioners. A preliminary tryout was carried out so that the items could be subjected to item analysis through empirical criterion keying. The main tryout sample consisted of 114 Filipino schizophrenic patients coming from the National Center for Mental Health. They had been diagnosed as schizophrenic for more than a year and belong to the 21-55 age bracket. The main tryout form was also administered to 114 normal individuals who were selected after they had been given the schizophrenia scale of the MMPI. Data from these two groups were utilized to establish the concurrent validity of the instrument. T-test procedures revealed that the instrument is able to distinguish between a schizophrenic and a normal individual. Results of the factor analysis procedures generated ten factors, namely: I-Persepsyon Ukol sa Ibang Tao, II-Persepsyon Ukol sa Sarili, III-Proseso ng Pag-iisip, IV-Pakikipagkapwa-tao, V-Nilalaman ng Pag-iisip, VI-Persepsyon Ukol sa Sariling Pag-iisip, VII-Pagiging Mapag-isa, VIII-Mga Balak sa Buhay, IX-Paglayo, and X-Regulasyon ng Mapusok na Pangangailangan. A reliability coefficient of 0.83 was obtained for the instrument through Coefficient Alpha. The final form consists of 68 items. A norm table for the whole instrument was constructed using percentile ranks.

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Psychological tests; Schizophrenia

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