Computer-aided process control system

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Bachelor's Thesis

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Bachelor of Science in Electronics and Communications Engineering

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Gokongwei College of Engineering


Electronics And Communications Engg


Awarded as best thesis, 1992

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Felicito Caluyo


It is a known fact that the world is fast approaching the era where almost everything is controlled by computers. With this in mind, the group will embark on a study using the computer armed with the basic concepts of feedback and control system, process control and automation.

The study is aimed at making a process control system that will automatically adjust and maintain a preset temperature using close-loop feedback. A running cold water and a controlled flow of hot water will be mixed inside a specially designed tank and the controlled variable output is a constant temperature. The whole system is to be interfaced with a computer and implemented with a software program.

The working system can be used by the chemical engineering students of De La Salle University for their process control experiments.

Working in an environment where attention to minute details is critical to successful implementation, the group considered the numerous seemingly minor problems which often arises. Past studies, specifically the thesis of Dimayuga et al, entitled Microcomputer Based Temperature Monitoring System had a system in which the presence of noise masked their signal. The presents study took into consideration the possible deleterious effect of noise and proposes the use of an instrumentation amplifier in order to reduce its effects. A good grounding system should also be observed. One has to make a distinction between a digital and analog grounds because they will create problems if not properly interconnected. Precision potentiometers, whose resistances can be varied in small increments, were also utilized in circuits that are very sensitive even to the slightest movement of the tap position.

Future studies related to the topic can use the manuscript accompanying this study as a reference. They can concentrate on other developments and enhancements because they don't have to bother themselves with finding ways in eliminating the noise. This study can also serve as a guide and inspiration to individuals who will indulge in studies of similar or related courses.

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Computer aided design; Computer aided engineering; Structural analysis (Engineering)

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