A study on the development of specialized intellectual property rights courts and tribunals in the United States and South East Asia and the proposed creation of a specialized intellectual property division in the Court of Appeals

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Juris Doctor


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Honorable mention, 2016/3rd batch

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Christopher E. Cruz

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Anthony Reinerio B. Peralta

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Dennis A. Funa
Richard P. Torreja


Constantly evolving legal subjects, such as Intellectual Property Rights, require judicial and practitioners' expertise in order to adapt to changing trends in commerce and technology. The challenge in our jurisdiction is for law practitioners to keep up with artistic and commercial developments for them to resolve disputes in a consistent and timely manner. This study will highlight the need for a consistent flow of expertise in the field of IP in relation to the Philippine Judicial System, specifically at the appellate level. A comparative analysis between the current IPR legal system in the Philippines and specialized IPR courts identified in the United States, Japan, South Korea, Thailand and Malaysia will try to shed light on this timely concern. Inter Country Analysis will be incorporated in the conclusion. Data were sourced from the Court of Appeals and Supreme Court which cover cases appealed and promulgated from 1998-2016 respectively. The cases surveyed coincide with the effectivity of the Intellectual Property Code in 1998.

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Intellectual property; Intellectual property courts

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