Product and service types on deal sites and its role on SME sales turnover

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Bachelor's Thesis

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Bachelor of Science in Business Management


Ramon V. Del Rosario College of Business


Business Management


Awarded as best thesis, 2013

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Emilina D. Sarreal

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Brian C. Gozun

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Jyro B. Triviño


The proponents of the study investigated on factors that lead to SMEs sales turnover when engaging in deal sites in terms of repeat buying behavior, word of mouth promotions, and willingness to pay more. These factors included the 8 antecedents of e-loyalty, products and services types offered on deal sites, and the most preferred deal sites of customers. To investigate the factors that affect SMEs sales turnover, the proponents conducted an online survey composed of subscribers of MetroDeal, Ensogo, and Deal Dozen. The data collected was analyzed and demonstrated that all the factors significantly affect the sales turnover of SMEs. The analysis also revealed that, in terms of gender, most of deal site users were female also, in terms age, most of the deal site users were aged 21 and below. In addition, character and care of a deal site were the antecedents of e-loyalty that had an impact on customers that lead to SME sales turnover. From the deal sites, Ensogo was able to best embody the 8 antecedents of e-loyalty through its features. Moreover, Salon and Spa and Restaurants were the product and service types that majority of the respondents purchased on deal sites, in the Philippines.

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