Automated soap-less dirt and stain removing ultrasonic dishwasher

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Bachelor's Thesis

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Bachelor of Science in Electronics and Communications Engineering


Gokongwei College of Engineering


Electronics And Communications Engg


Awarded as best thesis, 2013

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Alexander C. Abad

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Maria Antonette C. Roque

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Oswald L. Sapang
Miguel O. Gutierrez


Dishwasher are starting to become a common sight in everyday normal households, due to this fact there will also be a rise in the demand for soap which will be used in the dishwasher. An increase in the demand for soap will therefore increase the volume of wastewater produced in each of the current households. The researchers addressed this issue by creating a soap-less ultrasonic dishwasher, from the name itself this dishwasher does not use any kind of soap but rather it uses vibrations created from the transducer after were struck with a certain frequency form the signal generator.

The system that was developed used piezoelectric transducers which were set at 28 KHz to maximize the cleaning range of the transducer. They were first connected into the ultrasonic generator which produced waves at 28 KHz to turn on the transducers, the transducers then produce the vibrations which therefore start the ultrasonic cavitation process. The ultrasonic cavitation process is the one mainly responsible for the cleaning process, the microscope bubbles strike the utensils thus removing the stains that are present in the utensils. The system also have a solenoid valve and a ball valve connected to it, to aid in the draining and filling up of water. A higher water temperature also aids in the cleaning process.

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