Dancing through childhood: Three storybooks for children

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Bachelor's Thesis

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Bachelor of Arts in Literature


College of Liberal Arts


Literature, Department of


Awarded as best thesis, 2013

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Maria Carla M. Pacis

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Anne Frances N. Sangil
Cris Barbara Pe


This thesis is a creation of three partially illustrated storybooks for children on three different kinds of dance. This thesis was created for those among the 6-12 year-old age range, specifically those of 10-12 years of age, as a simple exposition on three genres of dance: hip-hop (specifically krump), ballet, and folk dance.

Krump as a genre of hip-hop is the focus of "The Gift of Dance", a story on a young boy from the slums who releases his inner anger towards parents through the angry yet praise-filled type of dance. "Jessa's First Ballet" is based on the true story of slum girl-turned-ballet scholar, Jessa Balote, a current ballet scholar at the prestigious local dance company, Ballet Manila. It is a discovery of personal talent and the freedom from stage fright. Lastly, "Dance of the Ducks: An Original Folktale On the Itik-Itik Sibonga" as an original folktale focusing on the how the folk dance, the Itik-Itik Sibonga, came to be. It is a telling of a strict father's punishment for his daughter passionate about dance but held back by a handicap.

Children's literature in the Philippines has never consisted of stories about dance injected with local color and theme, and this thesis aims to expose preadolescents/tweens to the beautiful art of dance in all genres

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