Entrepreneurial and intrapreneurial intentions and their determinants across degree programs in De La Salle University

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Bachelor's Thesis

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Bachelor of Science in Business Management


Ramon V. Del Rosario College of Business


Business Management


Awarded as best thesis, 2012

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Emilina D. Sarreal

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Jefferson Lo


A course in entrepreneurship had always dictated that graduates of such program were to venture into entrepreneurial activities. However, there were cases where entrepreneurs ended up venturing into intrapreneurial activities, while non-entrepreneurs tried venturing into entrepreneurial activities. As such, this study addressed the issue of identifying the drivers that had significant impact in determining the entrepreneurial and intrapreneurial intentions of both entrepreneur and non-entrepreneur majors in De La Salle University. The researchers found that age, presence of family business ownership, gender, study program, and entrepreneurial behavior were the significant factors that drive entrepreneurial intention among the students in the University. Meanwhile, presence of family business ownership, type of study program, academic support, and intrapreneurial behavior were the significant factors of intrapreneurial intention among the students. The factors driving entrepreneurial and intrapreneurial intention were also found to differ between entrepreneur majors and non-entrepreneur majors.

Entrepreneur majors were established to have moderately high intrapreneurial intention, while expectedly having a high entrepreneurial intention, which implied that entrepreneur majors can also venture into intrapreneurship. Meanwhile, non-entrepreneur majors were evidenced to have moderately high intrapreneurial intention, however, they were indifferent towards entrepreneurial intention.

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