Factors that influence the initiation of CSR practices in selected Chinese family businesses

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Bachelor's Thesis

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Bachelor of Science in Applied Corporate Management


Ramon V. Del Rosario College of Business


Business Management


Awarded as best thesis, 2011

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Ginny L. Santiago

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Raymund B. Habaradas

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Pia Redempta T. Manalastas


This study sought to identify the CSR practices of selected Chinese family businesses and the factors that influenced the initiation or continuation of such practices in this traditional business sector. Given that small to medium-sized Chinese family businesses continue to command a great influence in the country's local economy the study intends to become an eye-opener for this dominant entrepreneurial force to become significant catalysts of change in the Philippines. The researchers based their case studies on interviews with eight Generation Y business owners of small to medium Chinese family businesses in the Philippines who evidently practiced CSR. Results showed that the prevalent factors that influence the initiation or continuation of CRS practices by Generation Y successors of Chinese family businesses include several legal aspects, organizational aspects, and personal aspects. However, readers of this study must note that the degree to which these aspects influence the successors varies depending on their exposure and perspective towards the phenomenal trend of CSR. Findings likewise demonstrated that Generation Y successors play a vital role in actualizing the continuous innovation and improvement of CSR practices within companies. Although the findings of the study is not a cure-all to address complex business-related issues, the researchers desire to inform the family businesses that the initiation or continuous innovation of the CSR practices could be the key to generating a significant societal and economical impact a phenomenal aftermath that will definitely fuel the long-term growth and development of our country

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