Developing a framework for business-community partnership in the Philippine setting

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Bachelor's Thesis

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Bachelor of Science in Applied Corporate Management


Ramon V. Del Rosario College of Business


Business Management


Awarded as best thesis, 2010

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Andrea Santiago

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Raymund B. Habaradas

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Raymund L. Ganotice


This study sought to develop a strategic framework that would effectively facilitate a sustainable partnership between a business organization and a base of the pyramid community. This framework intends to generate awareness among companies that business-community partnerships provide an avenue for firms to veer away from traditional corporate social responsibility methods, which have become inadequate in generating long-term, sustainable benefits to its beneficiaries. The researchers based the case studies on interviews with five companies that engaged in a supplier relationship type of partnership and their partner communities. Results showed that for a partnership venture to become sustainable and generate the greatest social and economic impact, it must stem from an internal business need. Findings also demonstrated that business-community partnership was an evolving process it was essential to explore opportunities for growth to sustain community development. This framework however is not a universal remedy for the insufficiencies of traditional corporate social responsibility methods. It merely serves as an eye-opener to companies that shifting their current corporate social responsibility initiative to that of partnership, relative to the needs of the business, is an avenue towards generating the greatest social and economic impact, sustainable community development, and nation-building.

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Social responsibility of business--Philippines; Public relations

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