Autofeeder for shrink wrap labeling machine

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Bachelor's Thesis

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Bachelor of Science in Manufacturing Engineering and Management


Gokongwei College of Engineering


Manufacturing Engineering and Management


Awarded as best thesis, 2002

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Phyllis L. Lim

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Oscar G. Unas

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Giovanni L. Fabian
Arthur Pius P. Santiago


Plastimer Industrial Corporation is a subcontractor for Unilever Philippines in the production of Sunsilk shampoo bottles. The bottles are labeled through a process called heatshrinking, in which the bottle is inserted into the heat-sensitive plastic, also known as the shrinkwrap, and then heated to allow the shrinkwrap to adhere to the bottle. Currently, the process of inserting the bottle into shrinkwrap is still done manually, with annual labor costs exceeding PhP 2,000,000. It is this high labor cost that has spurred the development of the autofeeder for shrinkwrap labeling machine. The autofeeder for shrinkwrap labeling machine is a prototype mechatronic system that automatically opens the shrinkwrap and inserts the bottle into the shrinkwrap.

The prototype autofeeder for shrinkwrap labeling machine has been proven to have a high degree of repeatability, as shown through various experiments. Furthermore, experiments have shown that the prototype system has a high output yield, which can still be improved upon. Experiments have also shown that the prototype has an output rate comparable to that of manual labor. Capital costs to be incurred in the conversion to the automated process have been shown to be recoverable within a year of use.

In conclusion, the autofeeder for shrinkwrap labeling machine is an automated and economically viable alternative to the manual insertion of bottles into the shrinkwrap. With the high labor cost being incurred at the present, companies that engage in this type of operation will find it worth their while to initiate automation efforts through this prototype.

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