Tunnel ventilation system

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Bachelor's Thesis

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Bachelor of Science in Manufacturing Engineering and Management


Gokongwei College of Engineering


Manufacturing Engineering and Management


Awarded as best thesis, 2007

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Homer S. Co

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Nilo T. Bugtai

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Oscar G. Unas
Marlon Luis M. Musngi


Given that the Philippines have a hot climate, the application of Tunnel Ventilation System would be beneficial to swine farms. Tunnel Ventilation System is designed to have a controlled environment inside an enclosed structure to cool the animals inside. Reducing the heat stress experienced by the animals inside the structure would help in making them be more comfortable. Since existing local systems do not directly address the problem of maintaining an acceptable level of temperature fluctuations, this study aims to provide an engineering solution to keep the fluctuation to an acceptable level. In case of electrical power interruption, a safety feature will also be incorporated thereby preventing suffocation inside the structure. The Tunnel Ventilation System is designed to automatically respond to changes in temperature. It is designed to allow the user to input the set point temperature. The system would then operate as programmed until the set point temperature is reached. After reaching the desired temperature, it will be maintained until the user deicide to change his input. This application would be very useful to users who have a time frame for the animals stay in the structure. During the occurrence of power failure, the Tunnel Ventilation System is programmed to release the canvas on one side of the building to provide air circulation inside. This feature would ensure the safety of the animals inside the structure in case a power interruption occurs. Having a safety system will probably save the lives of hundreds of pigs inside and will save the owners investment.

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Tunnels; Tunnels--Ventilation; Tunnels--Design

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