A Non-contact eye infrared thermal imaging sensor device

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Bachelor of Science in Manufacturing Engineering and Management


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Manufacturing Engineering and Management


Awarded as best thesis, 2009

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Marlon Luis M. Musngi

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Arthur Pius P. Santiago

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Oscar G. Unas
Jessica A. Geslani


Inflammation of the human eye could cause blindness. Doctors have a hypothesis where in inflammation is directly proportional to its temperature. The more inflammation a person has in the eye the higher the temperature is. As of today Opthalmologists do not have quantitative data to determine how much inflammation an eye has. Doctors depend on the estimation process where in they flash a beam of light into the eye and count the white blood cells. The method is not sufficient for the doctors to determine the level of inflammation thus the right amount of medication is approximated.

Through the advancement of infrared technology, temperature could be obtained in a non-contact, non-invasive and non-destructive method. Every object emits radiation called infrared energy this infrared energy could be measured without contact. Sensors are primarily use to detect infrared energy.

By using the concept of imaging system, it enables an image to be captured at a certain position. One of the most common ways of capturing an image is through a use of a webcam.

With the combined knowledge in infrared technology and imaging system brought the concept of Non-contact Eye Infrared Thermal Imaging Sensor Device. The devise is proved to be a reliable way of determining the temperature of the eye with quantitative results needed by the doctors.

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Infrared detectors; Infrared technology; Detectors--Technological innovations; Inflammation; Blindness--Prevention; Eye--Protection; Eye--Care and hygiene

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