Cup unscrambler and stacking machine

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Bachelor's Thesis

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Bachelor of Science in Manufacturing Engineering and Management


Gokongwei College of Engineering


Manufacturing Engineering and Management


Awarded as best thesis, 2005

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Phyllis L. Lim

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Nixon A. Ng

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Giovanni L. Fabian


In STYROTECH Corporation, specifically in their production line of manufacturing Styrofoam-made drinking cups, the process of counting and stacking the cups before packing it was initially done manually. This made the process longer and inefficient. The researching group, together with the company, worked together to develop a machine that will automate the counting and stacking of the cups.

In utilizing what the researching group has learned in mechanics, electronics, and programming, the group became successful in accomplishing their objectives. With the use of programmable logic controllers, relays, photoelectric switch and sensor, pneumatics, motors, and power transmission elements, the group was able to create an effective cup unscrambler and stacking machine.

The cup unscrambler and stacking machine receives the cups directly from the molding machines. It is then arranged in an upright position as it is transported by the round belts to the conveying tube. Counting the cups is accomplished by using sensors. The sensor sends signals to the programmable logic controller, which in turn controls the pneumatic valve and cylinder that releases the stacked cups.

By successfully creating a cup unscrambler and stacking machine, the researching group was able to help STYROTECH Corporation in improving their processes. Making is more effective and more efficient.

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Drinking cups; Plastic foams industry; Styrene industry; Manufacturing processes--Automation; Programmable controllers; Plant engineering

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