Matematika (a + b) or Mathematics (a + b - c)?

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Bachelor's Thesis

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Bachelor of Science in Educational Psychology


Br. Andrew Gonzalez FSC College of Education


Counseling and Educational Psychology


Awarded as best thesis, 2009

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Carlo P. Magno

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Jerome A. Ouano

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Maria Guadalupe C. Salanga


This study tested the Cognitive Load Theory by investigating the relationship between problem solving and learning strategies when language (Filipino or English) and number of operations in math word problem solving tests (single or multiple) are varied. There were 275 grade five students who answered four sets of math tests (Single-Filipino, Single-English, Multiple-Filipino, and Multiple English). They also answered the Revised-MSLQ every after each set of math test was answered. Using the Two-way Analysis of Variance, the mean scores for problem solving was significantly higher when the word problem is in Filipino as compared to English. No significant difference was found between single and multiple-operation on mathematics problem solving scores. This indicates that cognitive load occurs in language where problems written in Filipino are easier tasks. Further analysis also showed that the relationship between problem solving and learning strategies were significant when the language used in the math problems was in the students' first language (Filipino) regardless of the number of operations involved. Furthermore, it was found that the relationship between problem solving and learning strategies was strongest when math tests were written in Filipino involving single operation. These results showed that Cognitive Load Theory can occur not only in performance tasks but in language and use of learning strategies.

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Mathematics--Study and teaching (Elementary)--Philippines; Language and education--Philippines; Children--Philippines--Language; Problem solving--Philippines

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