A predictive model of attention in viewing selected grocery food products

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Bachelor's Thesis

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Bachelor of Science in Industrial Engineering


Gokongwei College of Engineering


Industrial Engineering


Awarded as best thesis, 2008

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Rosemary R. Seva

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Alma Maria Jennifer A. Gutierrez

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Jose Edgar S. Mutuc


Studies on visual attention have identified certain visual factors that attract consumer attention. Visual attention had been found to be related to in-store visual factors such as shelf position, number of facings, and packaging design. However, despite their importance attracting consumer attention, no studies had been found to consider combined effects of these factors in consumer attention. As such, this study considered the combined effects shelf position, number of facings and packaging design with the objective of identifying the significant factors and of developing a predictive model of attention.

The significant effects of in-store visual factors specifically number of facings, horizontal and vertical shelf positioning, the color, size, and material of, and the text and image on the packaging was used in the development of a conceptual model in predicting attention as measured by the frequency of fixation and the duration of fixation. In order to validate the developed model, an eye-tracking experiment was conducted. Using an eye-tracking device that records the frequency and duration of fixation, the subjects were asked to view a life-size picture of a shelf.

Multiple regression analysis was used to analyze the data gathered from the experiment. Results obtained showed that in-store visual factors are determinants of attention. It was found that the horizontal and vertical position and image affects the duration of fixation, while horizontal position and packaging material determines the frequency of fixation. This verified the model developed as packaging and shelf position indeed affected attention.

As these factors attract consumers' attention, it is important that manufacturers and retailers are aware of their relationship as to be guided on where and how to position products on the shelf, and also what to consider in making the packaging of their products.

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