Microcontroller based automatic urine test strip analyzer

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Bachelor's Thesis

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Bachelor of Science in Electronics and Communications Engineering


Gokongwei College of Engineering


Electronics And Communications Engg


Awarded as best thesis, 2006

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Antonio S. Gonzales, Jr.

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Jingel A. Tio
Enrique M. Manzano
Gerino P. Mappatao


Urinalysis or simply urine analysis is one of the most important methods to reveal diseases that provide either noticeable or unnoticeable symptoms. Chemical screening test is now often associated with reagent strips method to easily detect key diagnostic chemical markers in human urine. The methodology of this reagent strip technique is composed of dipping the strip completely, but briefly, into a urine specimen. After waiting for the specified amount of time for the reaction to occur, the resulting color of the reagent pad in the strip is then compared to the color chart for analysis and level recognition of the parameter to be detected.

The output of the research is a device capable of reading a four-parameter test strip which includes glucose, ph, specific gravity and protein. Therefore, manual dipping, timing, color reading is not necessary anymore. A mechanical module is designed to dip the test strip to the urine automatically. The color of the four reagent pads of the strip is detected using the color sensor with Red, Green and Blue digital output. These RGB values are then converted to Hue for better color analysis. The microcontroller is the main brain of the system, wherein all data processing and module control are executed. Using an LCD, the system displays the specific level of every parameter found in the urine based on the color chart of the test strip, as well as their interpretation. Beyond the objectives of the study, researchers add a PC interface module and a capability to save 45 test results in the PIC memory.

After all testing and validation are implemented, Microcontroller Based Urine Test Strip Analyzer shows 91.6% system's reliability in detecting exact values, 98.78% accuracy based on parameter values provided in the chart and 99.66% accuracy based on theoretical hues of the colors in the chart. At 95% confidence level, it is concluded that there is no significant difference between manual and electronic results.

Features, capabilities and total cost of the project provide a significant edge over other existing readers and analyzers in the market. A simple market study is then conducted, and it is found out that market impact can be quantified from 53.6% to 86.4% at 95% confidence.

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Urine--Examination; Urine--Analysis; Urinary organs; Diagnosis; Laboratory

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