Women in Philippine society: A study of the women portrayed in selected plays by Nick Jaoquin

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Bachelor's Thesis

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Bachelor of Arts in Literature

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Comparative Literature


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Awarded as best thesis, 1983

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Isagani R. Cruz


In all these four plays of Nick Joaquin namely, A Portrait of the Artist as Filipino,Tatarin, Fathers and Sons, and The Beatas, he shows us his universal experience with women and at the same time, creates an elegy for womanhood.

The purpose of this thesis therefore is to be able to analyze, investigate and evaluate whether the woman characters in these plays are realistic or not, and in relation to this, draw a conclusion regarding the state of women in Philippine society.

The break-down of topics is as follows: Chapter 1 gives a brief description of Nick Joaquin's biography and clearly defines the purpose of this study Chapter 2 analyzes the female characters in the play. A Portrait of the Artist as Filipino Chapter 3 analyzes the female characters in the play, Tatarin Chapter 4 analyzes the female characters in the play, Father and Sons Chapter 5 analyzes the female characters in the play, The Beatas Chapter 6 gives a summary to the whole study and defines the conclusion gathered.

Women in Philippine society during the past were considered t be subordinate to the men in all aspects and were given responsibilities confined to the chores of the household. Today however, women are gaining recognition in a world formerly dominated by men alone. A woman is no longer destined to be controlled by a man all her life, she has a choice.

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Women--Philippines; Women--Philippines--Social conditions

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