A marketing plan for Royal Gourmet pasta sauce: A proposed new product for the pasta division of California Manufacturing Company

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Bachelor's Thesis

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Bachelor of Science in Marketing Management

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Ramon V. Del Rosario College of Business


Marketing and Advertising Department


Awarded as best thesis, [1997]


Executive Summary. The marketing plan is a program whose aim is to to launch a new line of specialty pasta sauces under the Royal brand. This move is aimed at the establishment of a niche in the pasta sauce market and also to strengthen Royal's brand equity.

The program aims to achieve increased sales in the operations of the pasta division of California Manufacturing Co. by contributing at least 7.38% during the first year and growing by 20% in the years to follow. The program also projects a market niche where Royal Gourmet Pasta Sauce is pioneer and market leader. Finally, the addition of this line and the adoption of the proposed program, should aid Royal in sustaining market leadership, increasing brand strength, and increasing CMC's overall profitability.

The program will be carried out through an intensive Advertising Campaign using Print, TV, Cable TV, and Movie Theater Advertising a long-running Promotional Campaign supported by extra effort by optimizing Sales and Distribution.

The costs of this whole program will be taken out of the budget allocated to the Pasta Sauce division of CMC with other pasta products shouldering the cost that shall be incurred. By the 3rd year, all costs shall be recovered and net profit will be realized.

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