A study on the marketing of rent-to-own computers

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Bachelor's Thesis

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Bachelor of Science in Marketing Management

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Ramon V. Del Rosario College of Business


Marketing and Advertising Department


Awarded as best thesis, 1997


Executive Summary. In October of 1996, Altamira Credit Corporation became the first credit corporation in the Philippines to come up with a Computer Acquisition Program which aims to provide businesses and households with financial assistance to enable them to purchase computers under affordable interest rates. However, the program came short of the company's expectations. It is therefore the aim of this research paper to determine the marketability of a rent-to-own plan for computer acquisition.

The proponents of this research paper chose to do an exploratory research as this would be helpful in determining and understanding the factors and problems which need to be covered or solved. For data gathering, the proponents used survey questionnaires and focus group discussions plus other research materials which would can serve as useful data.

After thorough research and data gathering, it has been found out that 75.6% perceive computers as very useful 87.4% preferred branded computers over generic ones and most importantly 70.37% are willing to purchase a computer under a rent-to-own computer purchase plan. Also, it was found out that the target market for their computer acquisition program are households and students belonging to the C class and professional clericals. With these results, the proponents strongly recommend that Altamira Credit Corporation continue with its program as it truly provides 'intelligent credit for intelligent lives.

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