3M hot melt system marketing plan

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Awarded as best thesis, 1997


Executive Summary. The emergence of many competitors in the adhesive industry has compelled the established companies such as 3M Philippines to produce innovative products. These would cater to the growing needs of the manufacturing particularly of the food and beverage industry.

This, basically, is the objective behind the creation of the Jet Melt System. 3M wanted to give the industrial sector a new product which will be more effective than traditional adhesive. And which will be used for their everyday operation. Currently, Jet Melt is selling well in the electronic and automotive industries, but now, 3M would also like to penetrate the processed food and beverage packaging or case sealing industry.

In line with this goal, the marketing plan was centered on the identification of the needs of the targeted market as well as the strategies by which 3M could meet those needs.

The first part of the paper tackles the total adhesives market. Through extensive research, the conclusion that most of food manufacturing firms still uses tapes and staples in packaging their product.

The second part of the thesis, discusses facts about the brand and product. In here, the development of 3M's Hot Melt system can be read. This part also formally introduces and describes the Jet Melt System. In addition, it enumerates the benefits that can be obtained by using the product.

In the succeeding part, 3M's direct and indirect competitors as well as the former's product's advantages and disadvantages compared with the later's are listed. The internal and external environment of the product were also evaluated in the SWOT analysis.

The Marketing Mix Strategies and Programs will further elaborate on the product features and performance of the Jet Melt system such as the strength, good appearance and safety.

Being an industrial product, the 3M Jet Melt System will only be using non-conventional advertising as this captures better the target market of 3M.

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