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Doctor of Philosophy in Philosophy

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Gripaldo, Dr. Rolando M.

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Carmelo P. Morollano

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Napoleon M. Mabaquiao, Jr
Christine Carmela R. Ramos
Florentino T. Timbreza
Feorillo Petronillo Demetrio, III


The death and suffering of thousands of lives and the tremendous destruction of property all throughout the reign of colonialism in Mindanao provides the writer an opportunity to ask simple questions. These questions developed into a more productive curiosity after Misuari went back to arm struggle in 2001 after a Peace Agreement was signed 5 years ago. This leads to the question: Was the peace process consensually expressed the true sentiments of the people directly involved and those that they represent? The writer assumes, that under the dictates of sound reason, a peace agreement achieved consensually, that is, representing the true sentiments, aspirations and needs of a people is binding and therefore lasting kind of an agreement. Hence, Misuari's rebellion is disturbing especially in the context of a Moro culture, were agreements are sacred. Using Habermass theory on the proceedings of the Formal Talks, this paper argues that: 1. The discourse analysis on the proceedings of the Talks, the component of sincerity viewed in the light of Habermass theory seemed to be present. 2. The analysis on the speeches of the OIC secretary and/or his representatives, however, points to the fact that there was extreme pressure imposed on both panels that may have serious repercussions on the presence of sincerity. This observation leads to the thesis that Habermass notion of sincerity may not be exhaustive enough to truly measure it. 3. Habermass assertion that universalizable validity claims of truth, truthfulness, and rightness may be too ideal so that the strategic action, an action motivated not by the strength of the better argument, may be more applicable in the peace agreement.

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Discourse analysis; Philippines--Politics and government--1986- Mindanao Island (Philippines)--History--Autonomy and independence movements; Moro National Liberation Front.

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