The impact of the internet as a marketing channel among the Silicon Valley high-tech companies, USA

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The growth of internet and its applications to business has led the wide acceptance of this innovative technology by the world business community. Unlike any other computer system, Internet is open to any computer platform. This enhances the transfer of information and even technology worldwide almost instantly.Being a benchmark study, the research presents only one facet of marketing from the point of view of Silicon Valley high-tech companies. This empirical study can be replicated and used by business strategists, entrepreneurs and academic researchers to find out the impact of Internet.The research investigates the impact of Internet as a marketing channel and its contributing factors among the Silicon Valley High-tech Companies in California, USA. Respondents in this study were in the field of semi-conductor, computer hardware, computer software, computer and Internet services - consulting. The study helps identify the existing channels (traditional and or Internet channels of marketing) and to what extent they are applied by the same companies. This study further examines the factors that contributed to the acceptance of Internet in marketing and its expected usage for the years 2000, 2002, and 2004.

The study reveals that the advent of internet did not push back or replace the age old and tested traditional marketing channels. All the high-tech companies in the Silicon Valley use Internet and traditional channels of marketing. Preferred channels by the Silicon Valley high-tech companies include Internet or in combination with traditional channels of marketing. The proportion of companies using traditional marketing channels are significantly different. Among traditional channels of marketing, the most preferred is direct marketing which carries the highest score followed by use of a company sales office.Internet can be used as a marketing channel for all kinds of products with limited applications for distribution such as software products and consulting services. The significant variables identified in this study are relative advantage, compatibility, pressure for change, convenience, quick adjustment to the market, relationship building, audience sizing and cost-effectiveness which show significant influence on the adoption of Internet as a marketing channel.The use of the Internet for the years 2000, 2002 and 2004 was analyzed. The best result was reflected in the year 2000. Due to the spontaneous and unexpected development of more innovative technology, the relatedness of expected usage for the future cannot be addressed effectively. For Internet, other breakthrough in technology are anticipated or even expected.Most of the companies use Internet for other marketing functions such as for marketing communication. Internet helps business by eliminating barriers of place and time. Some concerns in the business world include channel conflict management and security issues.

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Internet; Marketing channels; Gray market--United States; Physical distribution of goods; High technology industries; Service industries

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