Strengthening the management system of MAPSA schools


Marcel Bria

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Doctor of Education Major in Educational Management

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Educational Leadership


Br. Andrew Gonzalez FSC College of Education


Educational Leadership and Management

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Belen B. De Jesus

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Oscar O. Bautista

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Robert T. Borromeo
Greg Melchor De Lara
Revelino Garcia
Catalino Rivera


This study finds out how sound Manila Archdiocesan Parochial School Association (MAPSA) school management was and finds out what aspects of management should be improved to make it more effective and efficient. The results of the assessment have been taken as the basis for management interventions as necessary measures to strengthen the MAPSA school management system. The participants of the study were 126 MAPSA school personnel. They were divided into eight groups: directors, principals, teachers, registrar personnel, curriculum coordinators, human resource personnel, librarians, and finance people. The participants were taken from 12 schools spread across eight MAPSA areas.The data were collected through the questionnaire concerning seven components of school management namely: School vision and mission, school governance and administration, personnel, curriculum and instruction, finance, students services, and the outcomes and were statistically treated using computer software: SSPS 9.5 for Windows. The result showed that generally, all seven components of school management have been functioning well and extensively. Nevertheless there were some concerns raised by some respondents.

In order to address those concerns, this study proposed four kinds of management interventions, namely: Strategic interventions which are meant to address the concerns on the relationship between the school and the external environment technostructure interventions, to deal with the division of job, participation of personnel in the decision making process, finance (salary, budgeting especially for Library and Laboratory), student services, and curriculum and instructions human resource interventions to tackle the concerns on salary and on reward system and human process interventions to address the problem of channels of communication in the school. With those interventions the school is expected to perform well in achieving its goals and objectives.

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School management and organization; Educational planning; Catholic schools

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