A proposed vision-mission statement for Asian Development Foundation College, Tacloban City (project paper no. 1)

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Doctor of Education Major in Educational Management

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Educational Leadership


Br. Andrew Gonzalez FSC College of Education


Educational Leadership and Management

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Adelaida L. Bago
Flordeliza C. Reyes
Isaias Banaag
Bienvenido Santos


This study formulates the vision-mission statement of Asian Development Foundation College (ADFC). Specifically, the study seeks to: assess the external environment like demographic, social, economic trends, legal issues and policies, and educational competitors assess the internal environment like socioeconomic profile of clientele, community service extension, faculty, instruction, library, physical facilities, student services, and administration determine the educational goals and values of stakeholders and, formulate the vision-mission statement based on the external environment, internal environment and educational goals and value analyses.The descriptive developmental type of research was employed in this study. In involved description, recording, analysis, and interpretation of the existing conditions through the survey method. For the treatment of data, frequency, mean and percentages were employed.The findings revealed the following: Tacloban City's population has an annual growth of 3.84 percent the urban area is the most densely populated with a population density of 40.13 per per hectare high percentage of the total population of the City are 10 years old and over are literate there are 24 pre-elementary schools, 46 elementary schools, 14 high schools and 10 tertiary schools (including the ADFC) in the City the respondent school is moving towards modernizing its facilities to cope with the trends in technology the possible re-opening of Divine Word University (DWU) may be considered as a threat because of the University's stature; majority of ADFC's clientele belong to the Roman Catholic group majority of the parents of ADFC students are college graduates and a few are master's degree holders majority of the parents could be employees in bank and government offices and school teachers a good number of parents have their own businesses majority of the families belonged to the lower middle class level the number one goal expectation of the ADFC stakeholders is intellectual development and that the stakeholders expect that the school will develop in the students the necessary skills to enable the students find immediate employment the stakeholders also expect that the school should inculcate to the students the value of national identity, unity, discipline and citizenship and that the school is extensively implementing the desired goals of the stakeholders.Based on the findings of the study, the following conclusions were drawn: that there are opportunities from the external environment that ADFC can take advantage of in improving/expanding its programs and services to achieve its mission the threats in the external environment pose as challenge for ADFC administrators to improve its quality of programs and services that it offers to its clientele and that the internal environment analysis revealed that the services that ADFC offers to its clientele are generally very good .Recommendations of the study include approval of the vision-mission statement and its review after five years to determine its relevance. The vision-mission statement may also be redefined and/or its process of vision-mission statement reformulation be improved using the present model in other settings.

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Education, Higher--Aims and objectives; School management and organization; Universities and colleges; Asian Development Foundation College (Tacloban City, Philippines)

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