The relationship of entrepreneurial styles and firm performance in small and medium manufacturing firms in Metro Manila

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Entrepreneurial and Small Business Operations


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In the new millennium, the Filipino entrepreneur faces diverse pressures presented by new technologies, global trading rules laid down by the World Trade Organization (WTO), environmental concerns, and renewed labor demands for more humane treatment.It is imperative that the quality of the Filipino entrepreneur be enhanced for him to respond to the challenges ahead of him. This study is undertaken to better understand the Filipino entrepreneur and to describe his entrepreneurial style using the dimensions of leadership behavior, entrepreneurial characteristics, and value orientation.Using the descriptive and correlational type of research designs, the proponent conducted a survey among 373 entrepreneurs of small and medium scale manufacturing firms in Metro Manila. The statistical tools used for analysis of the data included: means and percentages, to describe the profile of the entrepreneurs and the firms: factor analysis, to group entrepreneur behavior into particular styles, and tests such as Pearson's r, One-way Anova, chi-square, and canonical correlation to describe the relationships among the variables.

Findings confirmed that: (1) entrepreneurs vary along a number of dimensions including personal characteristics, industry and firm performance (2) there is a predominant entrepreneurial style, the entrepera or mapagtagumpay at dominanteng style, used by entrepreneurs in small and medium scale manufacturing firms in Metro Manila (3) the entrepera or mapagtagumpay at dominanteng entreprenor can be described as highly task-oriented, achievement oriented and personalistic style (4) entrepreneurial styles have a positive influence on firm performance indicators such as sales, profit, number of years of operation and asset size. The entrepera or mapagtagumpay at dominanteng entreprenor and entreperin or mapagtuklas at kumpareng entreprenor have more positive influence on firm performance.

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Entrepreneurship; Leadership; Industrial efficiency; Business enterprises; Performance; Corporations

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