Marian biblical exegesis and dogma: And application to the contemporary church

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Basilio P. Balajadia
Carolina B. Fallarme
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This study is meant to distill in Christians the results of the biblical and theological scholarship on Mary. It presents a serious Mariological work made simple and easy. The problem is the one faced by the post-Vatican II Church. The bishops in the council voted on a Marian document which was rather theologically revolutionary. The bishops voted to include the document on Mary in the document on the Church, as its last chapter. This brought about a paradigm shift in Mariology. Mariology was taken from its theological isolation and seen under the light of ecclesiology. The bishops were able to do it because of the theological input they received from the theologians of the Council. Looking around the Church today one sees practical Mariology the same as before Vatican II. The reason: the lay Christians were denied knowledge of the rationale behind the paradigm shift in Mariology. They were faced with a fait accompli--a new Mariological vision without being given the reasons for the new vision.The study wishes to make up for this theological deficiency among the Christian people. The scholarly theological and biblical insights are presented to the Christian in a simple and intelligible manner.The study has gone through almost all the major Marian texts in the New Testament. Scholarly exegesis on all these texts has been taken into account. The scholarly studies taken into account are works based on the historical method, a method tested and attested by the official teaching Church. Scholarly literature is presented in simple language.

The study also interpreted all the Marian dogmas of the Roman Catholic Church. The newness of the study is that no Marian text of the New Testament has been invoked as a basis for the dogma. However, the present work has shown how the dogmas can be related to the Apostolic Traditions of the Church and hence can be said to be revealed doctrine.The study made the following conclusions. Biblically based and Tradition Based Mariology can be understood by ordinary Christians if it is explained in simple language. If well understood, the study can contribute to the renewal of Marian devotion by making it more biblical and Tradition based. The renewal of Marian devotion can also bring about a renewal of Christian life because in true devotion Mary is venerated as the perfect disciple of Christ.A Christian reading this work need not stop at this. One can pursue more serious study on Mary. Christians can study this work in groups and these same groups can contribute to bring about a renewal of Marian devotion in the Church. Non-Roman Catholic Christians are recommended to read this book. The study helps to allay their fears about mariolatry in the Roman Catholic Church. Priest and religious are encouraged to read this work. As leaders of the Christian community, they will be able to guide others in the true understanding and devotion to Mary.

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