A historical development of a family owned educational institution: The case of Olivarez College

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Doctor of Education Major in Educational Management

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Educational Leadership


Br. Andrew Gonzalez FSC College of Education


Educational Leadership and Management

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Revelino Garcia

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Oscar O. Bautista

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Dolly Mibolos
Isaias Banaag
Flordeliza C. Reyes
Amelia Ronquillo


This is a historical, descriptive study of the development of a family-owned educational institution - the case of Olivarez College that covers 22 years (1976-1988) of developmental stages of the school. The researcher described, interpreted and documented the stages of growth and development of the school. The changes that had taken place from its founding to the present were the concern of the study. After describing and analyzing the gathered data, the stage where the school is at present is identified. Thereafter, a paradigm was evolved from the study.The models of Pedler, Burgoyne an Bordell's The Biography of a Learning Company (1991) and Brian Hall's (1988) Organizational Life Cycle influenced the study. The paradigm considers that a learning institution goes through different stages, namely: infant, expansion, established, wilderness, dying and transforming. Data were gathered through personal interviews, document analyses and questionnaires. Various materials and literatures regarding the stages of growth and development of an organization, the stages involved and the available models were reviewed. The historical developments of other educational institutions were also looked into. The self-survey instrument used was the one devised by the Philippine Association of Schools, Colleges and Universities (PAASCU) for the elementary and high school departments. For the college department, the instrument used was one devised by the Philippine Association of Colleges and Universities - Commission on Accreditation (PACUCOA).

The research proved that the historical development of Olivarez College from 1976 to 1998 have undergone the infant, expansion, established, wilderness and transforming stages. It skipped the dying stage. Of the stages it went through, the transforming stage was in the process of evolving and bringing about a sense of participation and learning between and among the different sectors of the institution. A paradigm regarding the historical development of a family-owned educational institution was drawn after describing the various stages of growth and development of the College. In addition, a paradigm was also evolved that may enrich the literature regarding the stages of growth and development. It is important that documents are kept and an archives maintained for its historical value. Knowledge of the past is important for its significant connection with the present. It is hoped that mapping out the history of an institution in various stages will help identify the events that may lead to failure and thus steps be taken to prevent them. Similarly, the course to a more successful future may be charted and put into place. The study also recommends dissemination of the study results to generate feedback.

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Private universities and colleges; Family-owned business enterprises; Family corporations; School management and organization; Olivarez College--Administration

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