The impact of organizational culture on employee behavior and organizational performance in the customs brokerage companies in Metro Manila

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Organizational Behavior and Theory


Ramon V. Del Rosario College of Business


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Divina M. Edralin

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Mario V. Perilla
Domingo Alonzo
Tereso S.Tullao, Jr.


This study describes the organizational culture and the extent of its influence on employee behavior and organizational performance. The researcher chose in particular the companies in the customs brokerage industry.With the use of descriptive and causal type of research designs, a survey was conducted to 546 employees and 57 managers from a sample of 57 customs brokerage companies to answer the hypotheses posed at the start of the study.The data gathered through the use of the organizational culture survey instrument were analyzed employing various statistical tools. Means and percentages were computed to describe the data while the relationships between and among variables were established and analyzed using the Pearson Product Moment Correlation Analysis, Stepwise Regression Procedure, and Canonical Correlation Analysis.The study presented (1) the profile of the customs brokerage companies in terms of the nature of business, duration of operation, form of / type of ownership, and size of work force (2) the organizational characteristics of the customs brokerage companies in terms of innovation and risk-taking, attention to details, outcome orientation, people orientation, team orientation, aggressiveness, and stability (3) employee behavior in terms of job satisfaction, job performance, and organizational commitment and (4) company performance in terms of financial condition, level of sales, level of productivity, and turnover.

Findings revealed that: (1) the companies have strong organizational culture with innovation and risk-taking as the most predominant culture characteristics and aggressiveness as the least predominant culture having significant influence on employee behavior, with the set predictors of people orientation, attention to details, team orientation, stability, and innovation and risk-taking for job satisfaction (2) attention to details, team orientation, and people orientation for job performance and people orientation, attention to details, and team orientation for organizational commitment (3) among the organizational culture characteristics, people orientation is significantly related to company performance in terms of level of sales and productivity only and (4) taken collectively, the organizational culture characteristics have no significant influence on company performance.Based on the results and its implications, several recommendations are forwarded which can be of practical use to the customs brokerage companies and other similar establishments. Among them are: (1) maintaining high level of job satisfaction among employees (2) strengthening workers' organizational commitment (4) ensuring high level of productivity and sales of companies (5) reinforcing high level of organizational culture and (6) adoption of the research instrument and paradigm on the impact of organizational culture on employee behavior and organizational performance.

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Corporate culture; Employee competitive behavior; Customhouse brokers; Industrial efficiency

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