The Christian living program of the RVM secondary schools of Luzon: A systematic evaluation.

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Doctor of Education Major in Religious Education and Values Education

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Educational Assessment, Evaluation, and Research | Religious Education


College of Liberal Arts


Theology and Religious Education

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Salud P. Evangelista

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Andrew, B. Gonzalez, FSC

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Carolina Fallarme
Ismael P. Maningas, Jr.
Erlinda H. Bragado
Elena Almandrez


This is a systematic evaluation of the Christian Living Program of the RVM Secondary Schools of Luzon in the school year 1995-1996.The Content, Input, Process, Product (CIPP) evaluation model of Daniel Stufflebeam was used in order to evaluate intensively the extent of implementation of the RVM Christian Living Program in terms of program-related variables like: vision, mission, goals and objectives Christian Living implementor-related variables such as the profile, competencies, religious knowledge acquired and problems encountered during the Program implementation and student-related variables which include the needs, level of satisfaction with the Program with respect to Religion/Christian Living teachers, classes and school climate, the extent of religious knowledge acquired and the religious attitudes developed before and after receiving religious instruction.The method and approach of the study was descriptive and evaluative. The measures of the evaluation process were the descriptive statistics and t-test for inferential statistics. The t-test was employed to compare the secondary students' average knowledge and attitude scores in both the pre-tests and post-tests.

The study revealed that the extent of effectiveness of the RVM-Christian Living Program was considered to be of great extent. This was proven when a difference existed in the religious knowledge post-test examination. Both significant and non-significant differences occurred in the religious attitude and post-test examination.

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Religious education program; Education, Secondary; Catholic high schools; Religious of the Virgin Mary, Congregation of the

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