Initiation of youth into religious life: A comparative study of the initiation into religious life between a De La Salle brother and a Buddhist monk in Sri Lanka

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Doctor of Education Major in Religious Education and Values Education

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Theology and Religious Education

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Andrew B. Gonzalez, FSC

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Andrew B. Gonzalez, FSC

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Gundelina Velazco
Dusyant Singh
Naomi Ruiz
Wilfrido V. Villacorta


This dissertation compares the process of initiation into religious life of two non-clerical Orders belonging to two different religious traditions in Sri Lanka. The comparison is made between a De La Salle (DLS) Brother from the Roman Catholic tradition and a Bhikku from the Theravada Buddhist tradition.The subjects chosen for this study were trainees in the Houses of Formation of the De La Salle Brothers and of the Buddhist Monks. The three stages were the (1) Choice of Candidates for the Initiation, (2) Entry into the Community and (3) Religious Profession.The variant form of the Guidance Model of Frank Parsons (1909) was used as the conceptual framework for this research. The model involved individual analysis, vocational analysis, co-operative comparison, and matching of these two sets of analyses.In analyzing the results of this participant observation, the three-dimensional model of a Structure for Evaluation by Robert L. Hammond (1973) was used. The field research method, content analysis, and participant observation were used in the collection of data. An attempt to gather data through a questionnaire was abandoned by the researcher due to some negative reactions from the Buddhist monks.

It was found out that behavior modification, appropriate spirituality, community life, and temporary commitment were particularly important in the process of initiation into religious life. The contemplative aspect and the lay character of the religious life of both the DLS Brothers and the Buddhist monks were emphasized. The need for right motivation for any genuine and effective initiation into the religious life was confirmed.In the light of the findings of this study, the meaning of religious consecration should be re-considered. Special care should be given by both DLS Brothers and Buddhist Monks in sharing their mission with their lay partners. Inter-dependence and inter-religious dialogue between the DLS Brothers and the Buddhist monks should be fostered and encouraged.

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Initiation rites--Religious aspects--Buddhism, [Christianity, etc]; Brothers (Religious); Buddhist monks--Sri Lanka; Buddhist youth--Religious life; Monasticism and religious orders

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