Effectiveness of yoga intervention program on asthma clients

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Doctor of Philosophy in Counseling Psychology

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Rose Marie Salaar-Clemena
Irma C. Coronel
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Dushyant Singh


This study is conducted to find out the effectiveness of yoga intervention program on asthma patients.The scientific questions this study seeks to answer are: (1) whether yoga intervention program eliminate or at least reduce physical symptoms such as wheezing, coughing, sneezing, shortness of breath, and itchiness of throat and increase peak flow rate of the client, (2) whether yoga intervention program improve the feeling states especially anxiety and depression of the asthmatic patients, and (3) whether yoga intervention program bring improvement from dysfunctional attitudes to functional attitudes of asthma patients.Five instruments were employed to measure physical, emotional and functional conditions of the asthmatic clients. Pretest, posttest and delayed posttest were administered on the clients to establish the effectiveness of the yoga intervention program.Ideographic design with group application method was utilized for the study. Purposive sampling was used to select the participants for the study.

All the test results yielded positive progression in physical condition, increase in peak flow rate, positive growth towards emotional conditions especially anxiety and depression, and dysfunctional attitudes towards functional attitudes, namely emotional vulnerabilities to psychological strengths. Changes noticed in the clients immediately after the program on physical condition, peak flow rate, emotional condition and functional attitudes are sustained over a period of three months.This study proves that yoga intervention program stands as a promising therapeutic means for asthma clients.

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Yoga; Therapeutics, Suggestive; Asthma; Chronically ill; Operant behavior; Mental healing; Asthmatics

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