Application of the missionary spirituality of Blessed Arnold Janssen, SVD to the activities of the SVD League of Friends

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Doctor of Education Major in Religious Education and Values Education

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College of Liberal Arts


Theology and Religious Education

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Joel Maribao, SVD

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Andrew B. Gonzalez, FSC

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Antonio Tibajia
Agapito Luayon
Carolina Fallarme
Gundelina Velazco


The emergence of the SVD-League of Friends, and the identity of the association, participation and application of the missionary spirituality of Blessed Arnold Janssen by the SVD-League of Friends are explored in this research.There were two methods of research. These were the exploratory method and the participant observation method. Content analysis was used. The major contribution of this research work was that it served as another model of empowerment among the laity in the contemporary Philippine Church.The SVD-League of Friends is an association where members live or witness the three essential components of the missionary spirituality of the Blessed Arnold Janssen. The activities of the association integrate the three components, namely: (1) sacrifice, (2) dialogue, and (3) service.The members of the SVD-League of Friends are individuals who think and pursue. They are people who feel the sacrifice by having the emotions of joy, fulfillment, love, and enjoyment despite their sacrifices in the association. The members apply to their activities the missionary spirituality of Blessed Arnold Janssen.The organizational life cycle was applied to the SVD-League of Friends by including the Foundation and Expansion periods in the analysis of its emergence. The continuity for the emergence of the SVD-League of Friends came about when the core group took the initiative to dialogue with the Provincial Superior.

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Spirituality; Society of Divine Word; Evangelistic work; Janssen, Arnold

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