The effect of concept mapping on the achievement and anxiety of students in science and technology IV (Physics)

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Doctor of Philosophy in Science Education Major in Physics

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Br. Andrew Gonzalez FSC College of Education


Science Education

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Bee Ching U. Ong

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Melecio Deauna

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Rose Marie Salazar-Clemena
Ruben V. Quiroga
Adelaida Bago
Manuel Eugenio


This study investigates whether concept mapping strategy enhances achievement and at the same time reduces anxiety of the high school students towards physics. A total of 82 senior secondary students (37 boys and 45 girls) participated in this experiment. Two instruments - the Zucherman's Affect Adjective Checklist and the Physics Achievement Test - were used in the pretest and the posttest to measure the treatment effect on anxiety and achievement, respectively.An analysis of covariance, with the pretest as covariate, was performed on the posttest of Zucherman's Affect Adjective Checklist. It was found that the group exposed to lecture method with concept mapping strategy reduced their anxiety level significantly lower than the group not exposed to it (p .05). There was also a greater decrease of anxiety for the girls than for the boys, although the difference was not significant. These results provide evidence that concept mapping strategy reduces anxiety of high school students towards physics.Analysis of covariance was also performed on the posttest of the achievement test with mental ability and the pretest as covariates. The group means for the two groups were not found to be significantly different (p .05). The means of the boys and girls in the achievement test were also not significant.

This study concluded that for this sample, concept mapping strategy led to greater reduction of anxiety, although it did not significantly affect the achievement of the students in high school physics.

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Concept learning; Academic achievement; Anxiety; High school students; Physics--Study and teaching; Teaching--Methods; Science--Study and teaching

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