The use of music as a teaching technique in chemistry

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Doctor of Philosophy in Science Education Major in Chemistry

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Rose Marie Salazar-Clemena
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The effect of using music as a teaching technique in chemistry is the main concern of this study. The effect was measured in terms of the achievement of first-year technician students who were taught selected chemistry topics using taped songs of four chemistry tables as instructional aid. This was compared with the achievement of those who were taught by the conventional method. Significant differences in achievement between students of different mental ability level and between sexes and interaction effects among method of instruction, mental ability level and sex were also determined.Since intact classes were utilized, the researcher employed the non-equivalent control group design in the study. A 55-item chemistry achievement test constructed by the researcher served as both the pretest and the posttest. The data collected were then subjected to an analysis of covariance with the pretest as the covariate and the posttest as the dependent variable at the .05 level of significance.

The results of the F-test at the .05 level of significance revealed that there was a significant difference in achievement between students in the experimental group and those in the control group. Students in the experimental group performed better than those in the control group. Students of high mental ability level scored higher in the posttest than those of low mental ability level in both study groups. Female students achieved as much as male students in both experimental groups. There was an interaction effect between method of instruction and mental ability level -- students in the low mental ability group seemed to benefit more with the conventional method of instruction.It can be concluded that infusing music to the lesson can make learning more pleasant, motivate students to learn and enhance their achievement in chemistry.

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Teaching--Methods; Music; Chemistry--Study and teaching; Teaching--Aids and devices

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