The development and validation of an instrument to assess attainment of the mission statement of Assumption College: Makadiyos, makatao, makabayan values

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Doctor of Education Major in Religious Education and Values Education

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Religious Education


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Theology and Religious Education

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Rose Marie Salazar-Clemena

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Andrew B. Gonzalez, FSC

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Flordeliza C. Reyes
Salud P. Evangelista
Fernando Elesterio
Belita A. Jaime


The objective of this study was to develop and validate an instrument to assess the students' and alumnae's attainment of the mission statement of Assumption College, as reflected in behavioral indicators of MakaDiyos, Makatao, and Makabayan values. The research design had two major stages: (a) development and (b) validation of the instrument. Three instruments were developed and used in this study: interview guide, instrument prototype, and the final form called the Assumption College Mission Statement Inventory (ACMSI). The conceptualization phase resulted in 51 concepts and 55 behavioral indicators that could be classified under: MakaDiyos (relating to oneself, God and Church), Makatao (relating to family and others), and Makabayan (relating to one's country, government and environment) values. From the 109 items which were content validated by experts, the prototype instrument was formulated and pretested. The results were subjected to factor and item analyses. The study concentrated on the first 3 groups which described the three values. Reliability was established based on Cronbach's Alpha. The reliability indices were: for MakaDiyos, .805 with 13 items for Makatao, .751 with 11 items for Makabayan, .648 with 7 items. The average reliability index of the whole instrument was .734.

Based on the results of the assessment, the study concluded that (a) the Assumption College Mission Statement Inventory (ACMSI) is a valid and reliable measure of the extent to which respondents practice behavioral indicators of the MakaDiyos, Makatao, and Makabayan values (b) Assumption College has been successful in attaining its mission statement as shown by its students' manifestation of three values (c) the completion of Assumption education results in a greater probability of the respondents' attainment of values in general, and Makatao values in particular (d) exposure, forum, immersion activities apparently contribute to the attainment of the Makabayan values and (e) the more mature of the respondents are, the better the internalization of the MakaDiyos values.

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Education—Aims and objectives; Values; Assumption College--Mission statement; Assumption College--Graduates

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