The effectiveness of achievement motivation training among high school teachers in the Roosevelt College system

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Doctor of Philosophy in Counseling Psychology

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Educational Administration and Supervision | Educational Psychology


Br. Andrew Gonzalez FSC College of Education


Counseling and Educational Psychology

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Rose Marie Salazar-Clemena

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Salud P. Evangelista

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Natividad Dayan
Natividad Munarriz
Estrellita V. Gruenberg


This study experiments on the enhancement of motivation of teachers in the hope that performance in teaching will correspondingly improve as a result of an increased level of achievement motivation developed through a motivation enhancement training program. Subjects of this research were chosen based on their end-of-the-schoolyear (1989-1990) performance rating which ranged from 3.7 to 2.7, interpreted as Fair to Marginal. The 30 teachers were randomly assigned, 10 each to three different groups, namely: Experimental, Person-centered and No Treatment. A randomized experimental pretest-posttest control group design was used. The instruments used for the study were: a) Trait Survey, which measures the level of achievement motivation, b) Locus of Control, which measures causal attributional style, c) Performance Appraisal System, which indicates the teaching performance as rated by school administrators, d) Teaching Performance Rating, which indicates the rating the students give their respective teachers.The study has the following conclusions: 1. Training as a mode of treatment (as opposed to person-centered group counseling and no treatment) is effective in enhancing achievement motivation of teachers, as measured by the Trait Survey. 2. Enhancement of achievement motivation does not necessarily lead to improvement of teaching performance of teachers, as perceived by students. 3. Teachers can obtain increases in teaching performance ratings from their school administrators regardless of their level of achievement motivation and regardless of their attitudes and beliefs in life. 4. Student's perception of their teachers' performance differs from that of the school administrators.

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Achievement motivation; High school teachers; Teachers—Training of; Roosevelt College

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