Innovative laboratory activities using LASER

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Doctor of Philosophy in Science Education Major in Physics

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Melecio Deauna

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Bee Ching U. Ong
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The objective of this study is to develop Physics laboratory activities using LASER. However, before laboratory activities could be formulated, it was necessary to come up with LASER accessories. This study, therefore, presents fourteen improvised LASER accessories, three laboratory set-ups, and eleven laboratory activities. Given the proper orientation (say, 24-hour orientation), any Physics laboratory teacher, can perform any or all of the eleven activities using LASER and the improvised LASER accessories in this study. The improvised LASER accessories are: 1. Beam Position Adjuster 2. Optical Bench 3. Multi-purpose Stand 4. Holders 5. LASER Beam Splitter 6. Rotational Reflector 7. Smoke Box 8. Improvised Voltage Amplifier 9. Sound Modulated Reflector 10. Octagonal Reflector 11. Motor Speed Controller 12. Vertical Oscillator 13. Horizontal Oscillator Reflector 14. Signal Generator. This research work also presents three laboratory set ups, namely: 1. LASER Oscilloscope 2. Sound Transmission Reception LASER Kit 3. LASER Power Meter. The laboratory activities presented in this study are: 1. Linear Polarization (A Characteristic of LASER Light) 2. Optical Fiber 3. LASER Power Meter 4. Color 5. Viewing Interference Patterns 6. Lenses 7. Generation of Surfaces and Patterns 8. Distance Measurement by Triangulation 9. Sound Transmission Reception Through LASER 10. Combinations of Motions with the same Frequencies 11. Generation of a Sine Wave.

The study was done in four phases, namely: 1. Design and Development Phase 2. Descriptive Phase 3. Testing Phase 4. Revision and Final Write Up Phase. The researcher acknowledges that this study is exploratory in nature. Thus, the results presented here could serve as a springboard for other researchers to further investigate and develop. Also, since the improvised LASER accessories and the LASER are quite useful in demonstrating concepts especially in sound and optics, the researcher hopes to disseminate and share his findings with other interested Physics teachers throughout the country.

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