Leading passionately for innovation towards quality education: The essence of being an entrepreneurial leader

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Doctor of Philosophy in Education Major in Educational Leadership and Management

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Educational Leadership


Br. Andrew Gonzalez FSC College of Education


Educational Leadership and Management

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Jesus M. Miranda, Jr.

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Teresa P. Yasa

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Jocelyn P. Cruz
Maria Virlinda Tee
Runvi Manguerra
Anne Marie R. Ramos


Leadership plays a key role towards the provision of quality education. The traditional way of school leadership no longer suffice. Entrepreneurial leadership mainly practiced in business offers alternative concepts that can be applied in the field of education. This research is aimed at discovering the concepts being practiced by identified entrepreneurial school leaders who served as the participants in this study. It sought to address the question: What is the essence of the experience of being an entrepreneurial leader in a Private Basic Educational Institution?
In search of a research method that offers a more rigorous analysis, Giorgis descriptive phenomenological was used for the 11 participants that were interviewed. Schools recognized and awarded for innovative practices were chosen and from them the main participants were selected. Results were taken and established from the descriptions of the experiences of the participants mainly concentrating on what was presented and described by the participants leading to results that went through a systematic and rigorous process based on Giorgis Data Analysis Steps.
From the interview transcripts, meaning units were demarcated and transformed. Transformed meaning units which were revelatory of the entrepreneurial leadership phenomenon were selected. The transformed meaning units were clustered together leading to the emergence of 13 recurrent themes. Through the process of free imaginative variation, the 3 general constituents were identified: Traits of the leader, Actions of the leader, and the Outcomes of leadership.
From the interrelationships of the 3 general constituents, the general structure of the entrepreneurial leadership phenomenon was described leading to the essence of the experience of being an entrepreneurial leader which is leading passionately for innovation towards quality education.
Although the research verifies innovation as the primary concept in entrepreneurial leadership phenomenon for both education and business, good reputation and passion to serve were nascent themes that emerged and can be considered distinctive in the school or education contexts.

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Educational innovations; Educational leadership; Businesspeople; Entrepreneurship

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