A grounded theory study of software developers in technology startups in the Philippines

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Doctor in Information Technology

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Computer Sciences | Databases and Information Systems | Software Engineering


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Raymund C. Sison

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Merlin Teodosia C Suarez

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Rafael A. Cabredo
Nelson J. Celis
Ma. Regina Estuar


The proliferation of technology startups has been globally recognized as an engine that promotes innovation and steers economic development. Despite its increasing value, it is also known that most startups fail. Among the innovative drivers in the development and success of startups are people. Thus, this study uncovered what constitute to the experiences of software developers in technology startups in the Philippines. In particular, this research explored those startups that develop web, mobile, and iOT products. Using the classic grounded theory method, it was discovered that the main concern of software developers in technology startups is performing their work dynamically amidst scarcity and pressure towards the attainment of goals, and to continually resolve this main concern, they follow a cyclical basic social process called versatilizing. The emerged theory has three core activities: ideating, roleing, and fulfilling. Fulfilling is further classified into two sub- activities: sustaining, which comes after roleing, and committing, which precede ideating. Each of these activities contains one or more strategies and techniques, which are presented as a process dimension or type dimension. This theory provides theoretical and practical implications, including its applicability to other contexts.

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Computer software--Development--Philippines; New business enterprises--Philippines

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