Internet gaming disorder among adolescents in Metro Manila: A case study

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Doctor of Philosophy in Counseling Psychology Major in Clinical Counseling


Br. Andrew Gonzalez FSC College of Education


Counseling and Educational Psychology

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Aime T. Guarino

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Jose Alberto S. Reyes

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Jerome Ouano


This study explored the experience of internet gaming disorder (IGD) among adolescents in a high school in Metro Manila. It aimed to understand the antecedents, symptoms and consequences of IGD. The respondents of the study consisted of 8 adolescents with IGD and 8 highly engaged adolescent gamers. This paper used multiple case study research design. Responses from the participants revealed four major themes namely: a) experience of IGD, b) risk factors in developing IGD, c) warning signs of IGD, and d) ramifications of IGD. IGD experience includes cognitive, affective, physiological and behavioral reactions. Risk factors in developing IGD involve excessive gaming, escapism and coping, entertainment seeking and gaming for peer recognition. Pre-occupation with gaming, inability to control the urge to play and lie/deception about gaming are warning signs of IGD while having conflict, relational problems and declining of grades are ramifications of IGD. It is concluded that (a) the experiences of withdrawal when gaming is stopped, loss of control over gaming and conflict due to gaming distinguish disorder group from the highly engaged gamers group (b) adolescents with IGD who play for 40 or more hours per week experience negative outcomes such as conflict and decline in grades while highly engaged adolescent gamers who play for less than 25 hours per week, derive recreational benefit from internet gaming and (c) parental control over gaming serves as protective factor for the highly engaged gamers. Implications for counseling practice and research are discussed.

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