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Doctor of Philosophy in Applied Linguistics

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Language and Literacy Education


Br. Andrew Gonzalez FSC College of Education


Dept of English and Applied Linguistics

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Rochelle Irene G. Lucas

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Leah E. Gustilo

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Marianne Jennifer M. Gaerlan
Ma. Joahna M. Estacio
Jose Cristina M. Parina
Mila, J. Arias


This study identified the motivation orientations, metacognitive strategies and level of reading comprehension of freshmen tertiary students, and determined the relationships between the participants motivation to read in English, their use of metacognitive strategies and their level of reading comprehension. This study is mainly anchored on Banduras Social Cognitive Theory (1986). Using the motivation to Read in English Questionnaire, an instrument redefined by Mori (2002), and additional modifications by the researcher, the study was able to identify the motivation orientations of the 523 participants who read in English. Results revealed that participants tend to be more extrinsically motivated to read in English. Mokhtari and Sheoreys (2002) Survey of Reading Strategies (SORS) was administered to assess the participants metacognitive awareness and perceived use of reading strategies. The study indicated that most participants tend to use more Problem solving and Support Strategies in reading. The participants likewise took the 40-item IELTS Reading Comprehension Academic Module to assess their reading comprehension of the expository paragraphs. The result of the comprehension test showed that the participants did not perform adequately as expected. A close examination of the mean (M = 14.42) out of the total possible score of 40 showed that the test was quite difficult for these students, and this could be attributed to the lack of exposure of the participants to standardized type of testing.

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Motivation in education; Reading—Ability testing; Reading, Psychology of

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