Learner and value-oriented pedagogy and meaningful relationship: An inquiry on the spirituality of accounting and business professors

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Doctor of Education Major in Educational Management

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Educational Leadership


Br. Andrew Gonzalez FSC College of Education


Educational Leadership and Management


This presents a contextual analysis of the spirituality of selected accounting and business faculty members as experienced in their personal life and teaching life. The two-phased research involves the qualitative phase where the Eisenhardt model on theory-building from case studies while employing Strauss and Corbins grounded theory analytic tool used. The second phase used the Wolmans (2001) Psychomatrix Spiritual Intelligence (PSI) instrument in assessing the spiritual intelligence index of the case respondents. The results were used to make a quantitative validation of the propositions made in the qualitative phase and integrated in the formulation in the emergent theoretical framework. Eisenhardts research paradigm (Eisendardt, 1998), and Strauss and Corbins grounded theory (Strauss and Corbin, 1998) were used in analyzing the case study evidence. Educators (with high spiritual intelligence) collective conceptualization of spirituality as a way of life as a response to Gods initiated love, based on faith and committed personal relationship with God. It is a valuable aid in defining the teachers role. Mans spirituality is a function of Gods initiated love for man and how man responds to this love. God and Man-related factors, Environmental factors and Spiritual enriching activities are collectively viewed as the intervening conditions that affect ones spirituality. The actions of spirituality include praying and soul-winning activities. The outcomes of spirituality would be the development of learner and value-oriented pedagogy and harmonious relationship with God and with others.

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Universities and colleges—Faculty; Accounting teachers; Business teachers; Spirituality

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