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Doctor of Philosophy in Education Major in Educational Leadership and Management

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Educational Administration and Supervision | Educational Leadership


Br. Andrew Gonzalez FSC College of Education


Educational Leadership and Management

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Roberto T. Borromeo

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Adelaida L. Bago

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Sherlyne Almonte Acosta
Ernesto L. Bumatay
Perlita M. Jamoralin
Teresa P. Yasa


The present study describes the process of inducting theory using case studies to be able to generate a model of academic management for basic education principals. The research attempts to apply the framework of Kathleen M. Eisenhardt in building theory from case study research. Using this procedural framework, the researcher interviewed eight top performing basic education principals in Metro Manila for the case study data base. Two techniques were involved in data analysis: Within case analysis of the interview responses to become familiar with each case using open coding and cross-case patterns analysis to go beyond initial impressions through theoretical memos and refining the definition of categories to come up with the tentative propositions. Emergent propositions were compared with the extant literature to improve internal and external validity. Selected academic coordinators and tenured teachers were interviewed for triangulation of data. Thus study is significant to action-oriented school leaders and managers who play an important role in promoting quality education in the midst of the growing challenges and the demands of educating the youth today. It challenges the principals to examine their practices with regard to academic management and how they see the functions and roles of their office. Since the model emerged from the experiences and best practices of basic education principals of xvi excellent schools in the Philippines today, it can be used as a model of academic management for Philippine basic education schools of the 21st century.

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Educational leadership; School principals--Philippines; Education--Management

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