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Business Administration, Management, and Operations | Semiconductor and Optical Materials


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Emil Hudtohan
Anthony S. F. Chiu
Rosalinda D. Evangelista,


With the emerging and growing attention to services, organizations are shifting its attention from a product quality to service quality notion. Studies on service quality have found that it has a positive effect to customer satisfaction as well as to organizational performance based on existing literature. However, there has been a lack of empirical study to really understand the underlying factors to consistently and effectively deliver service quality in an industry scale. Consequently, understanding of how to manage service quality through total quality service became much of the focus of people in management in service organization. This study was undertaken in order to describe the total quality service and the extent of influence and relationship each of its critical factors with one another. The researcher chose in particular the companies in the semiconductor industry. With the use of descriptive and causal type of research designs, a survey was conducted to 199 managers from the semiconductor companies to answer the hypotheses posed at the beginning of the study. The data gathered through the use of the revised total quality service survey instrument were analyzed employing various statistical tools. Means and standard deviations were computed to describe the data while the relationships between and among variables were established and analyzed using Pearson Product Moment Correlation Analysis, SEM Confirmatory Factor Analysis and SEM Structural or Path Analysis. The study presented (1) the top four characteristics of the semiconductor managers (2) the major characteristics of TQS in the semiconductor companies (3) the critical iii DE LA SALLE UNIVERSITY variables of organizational system in the semiconductor companies, and (4) the relationships of critical five TQS dimensions in the semiconductor companies. Findings revealed that (1) organizational system is comprised of information and analysis system, technical system, human resource management, service culture and continuous improvement; (2) top management commitment and leadership influences organizational system; (3) benchmarking influences top management leadership and commitment; (4) benchmarking influences organizational system; (5) benchmarking influences employee satisfaction; (6) benchmarking has no influence on customer focus; (7) organizational system influences employee satisfaction; (8) organizational system influences customer focus; (9) total quality service is comprised of top management commitment and leadership, benchmarking, organizational system, employee satisfaction and customer focus; and, (10) total quality service is considered slightly high based on management perception in the semiconductor companies. Based on the results, several recommendations are forwarded which can be of practical use to the semiconductor companies. Among the recommendations are: (1) enhancing the level of organizational system; (2) increasing the level of top management commitment and leadership; (3) reinforcing level of benchmarking; (4) improving level of job satisfaction; (5) strengthening level of customer focus; and, (6) adopting the paradigm of the enhanced total quality service. Specific details to operationalize the above recommendations are also presented.

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