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Doctor of Philosophy in Applied Linguistics

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Algebra | Linguistics | Syntax


Br. Andrew Gonzalez FSC College of Education


English and Applied Linguistics

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Allan Benedict I. Bernardo

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Remedios Z. Miciano

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Danilo T. Dayag
Auxencia A. Limjap
Rochelle Irene G. Lucas
Gladys Nivera


The study investigated the role of metalinguistic awareness in creating representation and comprehending word problems in Algebra. The theoretical constructs of syntax awareness and word awareness, components of metalinguistic awareness according to Herriman (1991, as cited in MacGregor & Price, 1999) were aligned with the analysis control framework of metalinguistic awareness proposed by Bialystok and Ryan (1985). Syntax awareness was measured through the use of Grammaticality Judgment tests in L1 and L2. Word awareness in L1 and L2 was measured using three different test types- Sun-Moon, Judge and Novel Word. Algebra Test1 measured participants ability to create representation as they were asked to translate linguistic information to its symbolic form while Algebra Test 2 is a word problem-solving task. Using Pearson r, metalinguistic test scores were correlated to scores obtained in Algebra Tests 1 and 2. Positive correlation scores indicate that syntax and word awareness scores in L1 and L2 are relevant to the tasks of creating representation and comprehending word problems in algebra. These correlations lend credence to the claim that syntax and word awareness are cognates of algebraic thinking processes, syntax awareness in algebra and symbol awareness. Similarly, both analysis and control were found to be relevant to the tasks of creating representation and comprehending word problems in algebra. Findings also provide material evidence to support the theoretical models of a bilinguals linguistic configuration as described by Grosjean (1992) and Sharwood Smith (2004).

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Language awareness--Syntax; Algebra--Problems, exercises, etc.

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