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Doctor of Philosophy in Counseling Psychology Major in Clinical Counseling

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Counseling Psychology


Br. Andrew Gonzalez FSC College of Education


Counseling and Educational Psychology

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Nancy C. Rayos

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Imelda V.G. Villar

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Elene V. Morada
John Addy S. Garcia
Leo J. Capending
Ma. Alicia Bustos-Orosa


This Mixed Methods study investigated and explored the role-related stress experience of Filipino Diocesan Catholic Priests of the Archdiocese of Manila in three phases. Utilizing the survey method in Phase I, the study identified the stress level of the sample population of the Diocesan Priests. Phases II and III generated qualitative data in the area of the sources of stress, stress experience, and coping strategies of the Diocesan Priests through two Focus Group Discussion (FGD) and 10 case studies. A total of 69 participants were included in the survey selected by random sampling. Score on the Depression Anxiety Stress Scale (DASS-42) were analyzed by descriptive statistics and ttest to determine the difference between two groups of Priests. The quantitative results showed that age, years as Priest, and income of parish/institution had no significant effect on the stress level of the Diocesan Priests. Using convenience sampling FGDs included 15 participants and case-study had 10 cases (age 30 to 50 years) selected utilizing purposive sampling. The qualitative data were content analyzed by a research team. The themes and categories were identified. Results showed that among several other the Priests play roles like Parish Priest, Assistant Priest, Chaplain, Professor. In terms of rolerelated stress and coping, it was found that among several other workload and constrained interpersonal relations, were the principal sources of stress. The primary coping strategies of the Priests were prayer, support group of Priests, family, physical exercises, and recreational activities. The study concluded that Filipino Diocesan Catholic Priests experienced more stress when they handled more roles. The role-related stress experiences were primarily grouped into physical, emotional, behavioral, and interpersonal

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Priests; Stress (Psychology)—Religious aspects; Priests--Manila; Priests

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