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Doctor of Philosophy in Science Education Major in Mathematics

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Science and Mathematics Education


Br. Andrew Gonzalez FSC College of Education


Science Education

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Maricar S. Prudente

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Minie Rose C. Lapinid

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Lydia S. Roleda
Auxencia A. Limjap
Voltaire M. Mistades
Erminda C. Fortes


This study aimed to test a model for history-based teaching of Mathematics to contribute to the limited evidence or none at all on the usage of history of mathematics (HM) in teaching plans of Filipino preservice mathematics teachers. The model for history-based teaching of mathematics, the ASI ( BAHmeds) model, was conceptualized by the researcher while reviewing related literature and was used to explore the following issues: (1) the differing results on the relationships of preservice teachers’ knowledge of history of mathematics and the perceptions on the use of history in mathematics education; and (2) and the lack of knowledge on how to integrate/ incorporate history of mathematics in teaching plans as one of the reasons why preservice teachers (PST) do not use history of mathematics. ASI (Analyzing, Sourcing, and Integrating/incorporating) stands for the steps on how to include history of mathematics in teaching plans and BAHmeds (Biographies, anecdotes, historical methods, examples, devices, and symbols) stands for the histories of mathematics that can be incorporated or integrated in designing teaching plans. The study has two phases: Phase 1 is a pilot study which includes the developement and validation of the research instruments and phase 2 is the implementation of the model. A sequential explanatory mixed methods design was employed to address the aims of the study during phase 2. The researcher reported the quantitative results then the qualitative results to elucidate the significant, non-significant, and surprising results found during quantitative part of phase 2 of the study. A total of 71 Bachelor of Mathematics Education (BME) practice teachers from a state university in Manila participated in the quantitative part of the study, then seven (7) practice teachers from this group were chosen purposely to apply the ASI(BAHmeds) model in their teaching during off campus. The practice teachers (N=71) revealed moderate level of knowledge in history of mathematics, positive attitudes and availing beliefs towards the use of history of mathematics in mathematics education, and a non-significant positive relationship of knowledge in HM and attitudes and beliefs towards HM. The 7 practice teachers who were introduced to ASI model helped in illuminating the quantitative results of the study and gave favorable views on the model for history-based teaching of mathematics. The participants found the model easy to follow, another method or strategy for presenting mathematics lesson, and a tool to find ways of motivating students.

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History in mathematics education; Mathematics—Study and teaching

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